Photograph Wrath Print from book Summa I


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Wrath – Fine Art Photograph

Paper: Luster
Format: 50cms x 50 cms

This photograph is from the series of deadly sins and virtues form Mariano Gutierrez Alarcon’s book Summa I

Dilligence is a virtue generally protrayed as a dolphin, In the virtues cases the colour chosen for each representation is the complementary color of the counter-parted sin (in this case indigo normally used to represent Sloth)

The Book:

Is a fine-art photography book, which portrays the seven deadly sins and the opposite virtues.

“Summa I” may look beautiful but its primary intention is to seduce the reader into making an interpretation.

This seduction is established thanks to the interaction between pictures, design, make-up and the biblical quotes in an ancient Greek.

The Author:

Mariano Gutierrez Alarcon is an Argentine Photographer who set up permanent residence in London in 1999.

He currently works full time as Lunardog Limited Director, working in communication, social media and edcation projects in the Uk and Latin America.

He started Photography as a teenager and later worked as a Photojournalist in his home city, Buenos Aires, and his passion for photography is still as fresh as the begining and writes for its own photography blog


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