Ever Been a Photographer and wanted to come back?

My particular goal for this post is to start a series of posts where I share and open to debate the idea on how to go back to Professional Photography.

If you at some point in the past left the photography business behind and now think is a possibility I think you may find this series of articles and subjects worth exploring .

The first problem to face after a long absences from the photography scene, like anyone who was in the photography business in the 80s and 90’s, is to address the  several and major technological changes we’ve been through since then:

  • From the old film grain technology at the time to the new T grain film.
  • From manual cameras to automatic cameras.
  • The born of Digital Photography
  • From SLR to DSLR.
  • Is it better to shoot digital or shoot analogue and scan film?
  • The dawn of Kodak as major player.
  • The birth of digital image manipulation
  • The rebirth of ink printing
  • The rebirth of old processes (for those who want to keep photography as an art form)
  • Cheap cameras and the death of professional photojournalism for the birth of user generated photojournalism.

just to name a few….

Can you name any other technological changes that affected the way you work as professional photographer or you feel is a big obstacle for you to come back?

This particular question and problem is not just for those as me trying to go back to professional photography, the question and debate is also for those professionals feeling displaced by those changes and left or those struggling to keep up with them (thank you Richard Rivera in Linkedin).


Mariano Gutiérrez Alarcón

This is Mariano's Blog, here is a compilation of all my interests, as eclectic as they are, my main intention here is articulate them all in one place, and a better platform to show my work and my thoughts freely.

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