Category: Philosophy and Religion

Iris Murdoch on Religion

For this essay I will take a close look to the book “Above the Gods: A dialogue about Religion” of Iris Murdoch and I will follow with some comments from other authors on her ideas of religion and moral philosophy.

I will start with a brief analysis on Murdoch’s book; then I will summarise opinions on Murdoch’s ideas form other authors like Fergus Kerr, Franklin I Gamwell and Stanley Hauerwas; and finally I will argue her views on how morality distinguish itself from religion, that the replacement of Goodness as a from of God as a way forward doesn’t bind together as stand alone idea and it is just a reshuffle of religious sensitivities for non believers.

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Søren Kierkegaard y que significa ser un individuo.

Kierkegaard es para mi uno de los filósofos con quién mis ideas filosóficas y religiosas han encontrado gran afinidad y resonancia. Quizás la forma más simple de explicarlo se basa en que sus ideas sobre que es lo que significa ser una persona, que es lo que involucra y como categorizarlo las articula desde las construcciones narrativas del cristianismo.

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